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Ardor Legal is a commercial and intellectual property law firm with a particular focus on trademarks, copyright and licensing arrangements.


We understand that innovation benefits businesses, the community and the overall Australian economy; therefore, we are passionate about assisting innovative clients protect their goods and services through registration, contracts, licensing and litigation.


Whether you are an entrepreneur, mumpreneur, start up or established business, Ardor Legal can help you and your business by providing up to date and common sense legal advice.

Managing Director


Elizabeth Rebolledo is a solicitor and the managing director of Ardor Legal.


Elizabeth completed a Bachelor of Law and Bachelor of Arts (double degree) at Griffith University in 2005, graduating with honours.


Upon completing her practical legal training with the College of Law Queensland in 2006, she was admitted as a solicitor in the Queensland Supreme Court.


Although Elizabeth is experienced in a range of legal matters, she has a particular passion for working in commercial, intellectual property and trademark law.


Elizabeth has an excellent rapport with clients and has earned a reputation for thinking “outside the box” in order to provide the best possible outcome in each case.




Starting or running a business can be a daunting experience. You may have the relevant ‘know how’ in your particular industry; however, operating a business on any scale is riddled with legal obligations and risks.


Our solicitors are experienced commercial lawyers who offer practical legal solutions for your business needs.  We can assist in all stages of your business including:


  • Asset protection advice
  • Entity Set Up
  • Shareholder and Partnership Agreements
  • Commercial and Retail Shop Leasing
  • Commercial Conveyancing
  • Business Sales and Acquisitions
  • Developing your business’ Terms and Conditions
  • Employment and Independent Contractor Agreements
  • Debt Recovery
  • Contract review and advice
  • Franchise Agreements and advice
  • Sales and Purchase of Rent Rolls
  • General commercial law advice


Intellectual Property



Intellectual Property is generally defined as ‘creations of the mind’. This can include your work or creation in a design, brand, colour, invention, painting, sculpture, song, book, film etc. 


At Ardor Legal we encourage you to consider your creative works as the goods and services you provide in your business. Our job is to ensure the value of your work is acknowledged and protected so that you can continue doing what you do best… creating.




Creating a unique brand (i.e your logo or label) is a fundamental part of your marketing strategy. It is a way for the public to recognise your goods or services and associate it with a particular quality and image.


For this reason, it is also imperative that you take the necessary steps to protect the intellectual property in your brand.


At Ardor Legal we can help you understand the value of your brand and take the necessary steps to ensure it is protected through registration as a trademark, licencing or litigation.


Warning: Registering a business or company name does not give you ownership in that name. Only registration as a trademark can offer you that protection.




Copyright is the legal ownership of original expressions of an author in literary, dramatic, musical and artistic works. Unlike other forms of intellectual property, there is no requirement to formally register copyright ownership. Copyright is automatic and in most circumstances will last for a period of 70 years after the death of the author.


Copyright laws allow the owner to commercially benefit in their creative works by selling, licencing, reproducing, performing, publishing or communicating such works.


At Ardor Legal we can assist you in protecting the copyright in your creative works. For more information on protecting your Intellectual Property, contact us on info@ardorlegal.com.au




We understand that ‘every penny counts’ when starting a new business; however, overlooking the need to obtain quality legal advice could cost you a lot more than you bargained for in the long term.


Accordingly, we want to encourage you to obtain the advice you need and take advantage of our special pricing solutions exclusive to start-up businesses.


For more information on the services we can offer your new business contact us on info@ardorlegal.com.au.

Debt Recovery

Ageing debtors have an adverse impact on your working capital and cash flow. Unfortunately, the longer the debt remains outstanding the more reluctant the debtor will be to pay your account.


We understand the last thing you need is costly legal fees when you are already under financial strain. Accordingly, our firm offers a cost effective solution to your debtor problem.


At Ardor Legal we can prepare and forward a ‘Letter of Demand’ to all your debtors for a fixed fee.


For more information on our debt recovery solutions, including fixed fee service, contact us on info@ardorlegal.com.au.

Property Managers


Sale and Acquisition of Rent Rolls


Whether you are the seller or buyer of a Rent Roll, Ardor Legal offers Real Estate Agents pertinent legal advice and support aimed at minimising your risks and costs throughout this demanding process.


For more information on how we can assist in the sale or acquisition of your Rent Roll please contact us on info@ardorlegal.com.au


Residential Tenancy Disputes


In Queensland the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal (QCAT) hears residential tenancy disputes. Unfortunately, in most circumstances you cannot be represented by a solicitor at a hearing before QCAT.


Notwithstanding the above, Ardor Legal can assist property managers with the preparation of:


  1. Applications;
  2. Requests for Compensation;
  3. Counter Applications;
  4. Appealing a QCAT decision; and
  5. General submissions to QCAT.


At Ardor Legal we offer a unique ‘fixed fee’ service for residential tenancy disputes to ensure the property owner receives value for service.


For more information on how we can assist with your residential tenancy disputes please contact us on info@ardorlegal.com.au

Client Testimonials


When you have reached the end of reasonable terms to deal with a legal matter, then you get in touch with Elizabeth Rebolledo from Ardor Legal.  We had a contractual matter that we just couldn’t seem to bring to a conclusion and when we approached Elizabeth it took only one letter, some negotiations and the matter was settled.  She has a no nonsense approach, truthful advice and realistic outcomes presented for consideration and is absolutely tenacious in her defence of her clients.  I highly recommend Elizabeth and her firm to you and would have no hesitation to having you contact me direct to discuss this reference.


- Lenore Sieber, RE/MAX United Vision Real Estate.



I have known Elizabeth Rebolledo for over 2 years and have used her as a solicitor in this time. I have also referred many clients to her for commercial and business law. I have always found Elizabeth to be highly professional and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend her!


- Emma Watts – Business Development Manager – RE/MAX United Vision



Elizabeth Rebolledo set up the will for my wife and I. The professionalism, patience, understanding and hard work done by Elizabeth in getting this finalised was of the highest level. She made what we thought would be a daunting task, to be quite simple.  I personally thank Elizabeth for her help and will always use the services of Elizabeth and Ardor Legal for all my future legal requirements.


- Brett Thompson, Queensland State Manager, Agem Print Pty Ltd



We have engaged Elizabeth on property matters including conveyancing and found Elizabeth to be welcoming, reliable and professional. We have no hesitation in recommending Elizabeth and welcome any personal reference checks


Michael Rehbein, Property and Development Services.




Elizabeth has been my lawyer now for 5 years and has assisted me within my business on many different matters such as terms of reference and trademarks.


She is personable, easy to talk to, genuinely cares about me as an individual and my business. I’m not just a number with the clock ticking when I deal with her.  I have and will continue to recommend her highly .



- Dee Scott, Positive Response Dog Training



I have found Elizabeth to be very professional, thorough and great at what she does! Elizabeth is willing to be there for you every step of the way and able to advise you about the best way to go for your situation. I thoroughly recommend Elizabeth and Ardor Legal for all your legal needs.



- Tracey Ashley, Licensed Real Estate Agent - The Pink Team



Elizabeth is always prompt at replying enquiries. She has helped me and my business on several occasions and after using a "large firm in the CBD" I wouldn't go back. The service is more personal and that's what I like best about Elizabeth & Ador Legal.



- Pat Brunet, Director at Sircle Studios


Elizabeth is a very professional yet approachable lawyer. I'd recommend her to any of my colleagues and clients who are looking for a highly competent legal expert that is straight forward with her work AND fees.

- Boon Yang, Director at SOS Development




Elizabeth Rebolledo, of Ardor Legal, is a legal expert who knows her stuff as well as being able to converse with clients in a language they understand (thank goodness!)



- Emma Monro, Owner at YOSM Your Online Sales Manager



Elizabeth is dedicate to helping her clients...very professional and I am happy to recommend her to my clients



-Jan Watman, Finance Consultant at Start Fresh Finance



I have known Elizabeth Rebolledo for more than 20 years and I can honestly say that she is an exceptional person.

I have used her legal services on more than one occasion and have always come out satisfied and very pleased. She is extremely professional, knowledgeable in her field and knows exactly what legal advice to give.

Elizabeth isn’t about the money, she is genuinely a caring person that wants what’s best for you. I highly recommend Elizabeth and encourage you to use her legal services and advice. She will never disappoint. Her dedication to her clients is admirable.

I look forward in working closely with Elizabeth for many years to come. Thank you Elizabeth for your promptness and professionalism.



- Esther Espinoza, Co-founder of 5 Sisters Ministry



Elizabeth is the kind of lawyer I like to work with, she tells it how it is, does not waste time, and knows what she is talking about. If you want clear concise advice without paying a fortune Elizabeth and Ardor Legal are the people to talk to.



- Lindsay Adams, National Director, Referral Institute




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